When was the last time you did an overall check of all your safety requirements for drag racing? Well, now is the time!
Check those seat Belts & helmets and make sure they aren’t out of date. You have a month until our first race at VW Drag Night in SC, so there is plenty of time to get things in order. Don’t delay. I want to make sure you pass Inspection at the track so you can race!
If you plan to run the series and collect points for championship, you need to make sure you are signed up before the event. It’s easy, just head to our store and click on the SEVWA membership. It’s only $40 and includes new decals that are being made currently. Any VW powered vehicle, air-cooled or water-cooled, audi powered vehicle or porsche are welcome to race in the series. You can check our rules and points layout on our website here. https://www.sevwa.com/rules/
If you would like to sponsor our SEVWA Drag Racing Series, just send us a message. We would love to have you on board. All sponsorship, whether it’s product or cash, will go towards the series. We can give out things during our events at drivers’ meeting or put it towards the end of the year Payout.
VW Drag Night info

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