We may not have had a big showing of our VWs, but we made a big impact on the crowd there. As they all enjoyed seeing you guys go down the track. Most of not all of them, had never seen anything like that before.

We appricate of your support for this event and hope to see you at our next points race on May 19th at Fast Times at Farmington in Mocksville, NC.

Congratulations to our winners
Points will be updated this week
Super Pro
Winner Marcel Reynolds
Runner-up – Bryant McKean
Winner – Pope Sellars
Runner-up – John Gratton

Unfortunately, during the finals of our Pro class, John Gratton had a mishap and ended up sping around and into the wall on the back drivers side of the Beetle. The Beetle had to be lifted on the roll back and then onto his trailer. We hope he is doing ok today.

Stay tuned for a points update.

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