Thanks to those members who made the trip down to Cecil, GA, for our Eurofest GA event. Hate that we couldn’t get more of you there, but understand the distance, plus if your car wasn’t ready. We tried, and it was nice for us to be close to home for once. Lol
Everyone loved SGMP, and everyone there loved seeing our guys race!
Super Pro class had Mercel Reynolds take the win with Bryant McKean as the runner-up.
Pro class had Pope Sellars as the winner with John Gratton as Runner-up. Unfortunately, John had issues at the top end and ended up in the wall. He was ok, though.
Current points are listed below. Please look at them carefully to make sure your points are correct. Some of you don’t have any yet, or I am missing some from 2023. Just let me know.
Super Pro Currently has Tim Norwood in the lead with Bryant McKean, only 20 points behind.
Pro class has Tony Miller with a good lead over the rest of the class.
Our next event is FAST TIMES AT FARMINGTON on May 19th at Farmington Dragway. We hope to see you there!
Remember, if you want to sign up to be a member, you can do so online or when you register to race at the event.
Any questions? Just ask.


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