We would like to thank each and every racer that came out to the event this past Sunday! We can’t have a race without you there!
And did you see those stands! Wow! We were so excited to see everyone out there enjoying it.

Thanks to our 4 Pro Outlaw racers for coming out! Maybe we can have more next time, but nonetheless everyone loved watching you guys!

We also had a special class just for Audi’s. Yes I know that is not a VW, but our local VW/Audi Shop Everything Euro provided a purse and invited his Audi friends to enjoy the event.
They had 8 in the class, and truly enjoyed the event.

Below is a rundown of winners from the event with our points rundown. Please take a moment and make sure you points are correct. If you see something, just send me a message.

Pro Outlaw
Ryan Peloquin RT .7963 ET6.19 MPH 107
Runner-up – Troy Sellars
RT .5606 ET 6.49 MPH 113

Super Pro
Winner – Mel Shealy
Runner-up – Scotty Widner
Semi – Daniel Kurtzman
Semi – Tim Norwood

Winner – Mel Shealy
Runner-up – Tony Miller
Semi – Steve Lewis

CLICK HERE for points rundown

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