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              We would like to thank everyone that braved the cold weather to come out to the event on Friday the 29th. The day started off with moderate temperatures. vendors and show cars were tickling in, but with the weather forecast as it was, many of you just stayed at home. Around 5pm or so the flurries started falling and so did the temperatures! Doors opened at 5:30 and a moderate flow of folks slowly worked their way in looking at the VWs first and then getting over to expo next door. Around 7:30, we got word that they were going to cancel Sunday Autofest & Scionfest on Sunday due to the State of NC calling for a State of Emergency for the Winter weather we were expecting. We had a discussions with the main promoter for the weekend, the vendors and VW owners that were in attendance. We decided that it was in their best interest that we cancel the Saturday portion of the event and decided for them to home for their safety. This is the first time that we have had to cancel an event due to the weather! Those VWs that were there, had the opportunity to move their cars over into the Hot Rod Expo area for the remainder of the show. A few of them took them up on the offer, while the others decided to go home before it got any worse. We only had 17 show cars and 12 vendors in attendance and awards were given out to those that were in attendance at the end of the show.

             Thanks for everyone that came out for the event. We do apologize for those that came out on Saturday expecting to see the VW show, but certainly hope that you enjoyed the Hot Rod Expo and hope you understand what we had to do due to the weather.

Look forward to seeing you at one of our next VW events located on the Schedule page.


Best of Show - Andy Entrekin of Alabama

Promoters Choice - Henry Moore of South Carolina