Want to join us for the 2022 year? 

Membership is $25


Refer to NHRA/IHRA Rulebook for all 2022 Safety Rules.  NHRA / IHRA

To be eligible for SEVWA Points & Contingency program you must be an SEVWA Member and run sponsor decals on your VW. You do not have to be an SEVWA Member to participate in any class at the events.

There are 6 events on series, 5 extra points for attending all events.

You must be a member prior to start of qualifying at event, in order to receive points for that race.
* Dues are $25 a year & include 2 stickers for placing on their race VW.
* Entry Points (5) Elimination Points (5 per round WON) Class Win (5 extra points) Make all races (5 extra points at the end of the year) 
* Once you lose and buyback in, all points stop for that event.

2021 SE Euro/SEVWA Rules:

A driver is allowed to enter more than one race class per event.
* For the annual points series, a driver may only register in one points class.
* The SE Euro/SEVWA drag race classes are open to any vehicle that is VW powered.
* Any engine produced by VW is allowed (Aircooled or Watercooled, Gas or Diesel).
* Subaru and Corvair engines are not allowed.

Time Runs:
There will be at least 2 times runs per class at each event as time/weather permits.
* Driver will have the option to move into another bracket class if they fail to run the numbers for that class .
* For example: A racer registered to compete in Super Pro fails to make a pass quicker than the 7.99 cut off in time runs can elect to move into the Pro Class where it is 8.00 and slower
* Dial in for Super Pro racers MUST be 7.99 or quicker

 Bye Runs:
* Only one bye run allowed per race, per driver, per class.
* First round bye will be decided by a blind draw of tech cards.
* In subsequent rounds, the bye will be awarded to the best winning reaction time of the previous round.
* If there is a tie for best winning reaction time of the previous round, the bye will be awarded to the driver that was closest to their dial-in.

Roll bar MUST be padded anywhere the driver’s helmet may contact it while in the driving position
All tech will be done by the track and their officials.
 All seat belts & helmets must be up to date
Tires must be in good working order. No excessive weather cracks or bald spots
Hubcaps and trim rings must be removed
All carburetors must have a return-spring
All fuel lines/tank must be outside of the driver’s compartment
All cars with aftermarket fuel pumps must have a safety shut off switch
All watercooled cars must have a 1 pint minimum catch can for over flow 
All cars must have working foot brakes
Batteries must be mounted securely with metal hold downs
Batteries in a non-stock location should be in a vented battery box
Must have one working tail light

 Super Pro (0-7.99)
NHRA/IHRA rules apply. Please see NHRA/IHRA Rule book link above.
The SE Euro/SEVWA SUPER PRO class is mirrored on the “BOX” class in IHRA and “SUPER PRO” class in NHRA.
Pro (8.00 and slower):
NHRA/IHRA rules apply. Please see NHRA/IHRA Rule book link above.
The SE Euro/SEVWA PRO class is mirrored on the “NO BOX” class in IHRA and “PRO” class in NHRA.
* No DELAY BOXES. All Boxes must be removed from the vehicle. (anyone caught using will lose all accumulated points)
* Starting line 2 step is allowed
* Transbrakes are allowed
* Slicks allowed